These are the free online order form creator website you must have for your CNY Bakery

Design your Custom Bakery Order Forms for Your CNY Bakery Business Easily 

Creating a DIY order form with for your baked products doesn't have to involve heavy website work or complicated programming skills. In this post, we will be looking at two popular order form options with Singaporean businesses: Google 

What is an Order Form for Google Forms and Take.App?


Are these Free Product Order Forms?

Which is the best online form for my food and delivery business?

Where to get the Free Order Form Online?

Which sales order form builder is easier to create with?

There are several options available for beginners with no coding experience, and one of the most readily available and used are Google Forms and '' Whatsapp Order form.


Product Pre Order Forms Made Easy for Whatsapp with Take.App 


Steps to Create Cake Order Forms

Pre Order Form

  • It is also important that such an order form isn't time-consuming so the client can navigate through it easily and quickly. Order forms are also a contract that says what buyer and seller had agreed.

When can you use an order form

You can use your purchase order form at any time. It's free to use and both of these options are accessible. They can also be set up, adjusted, and reset at any time when you need to make a change.

An example is with Don Quxiote, a Spanish restaurant, where their store works both as a business card and restaurant preorder form.

  • You can use order forms to collect any relevant information about the product or service your client is purchasing to offer a better service or to deliver the desired product. 


How do I create a fillable form?

With Take, all you need is Whatsapp, and the system is preset for you. This is super easy to get you up and running in no time.

If you need to make a fillable custom order form, Google Forms is the next best option for bespoke items.

To set them up, simply visit their website to get started. However, we recommend for Google Form to use a laptop as it's easier to navigate and use the editing interface.

How do I create an online order form?

Uniform and Custom Cake Order Form template with Take.App and Google Forms 

Both can create Cake order forms, but if you want to create custom templates with your own branding and for different offers, then Google Forms would work best. However, if you offer standardized offerings, then whatsapp is sufficient enought.

Video Steps to Create an Order Form and Custom Bakery Order Form with the Free online order form creators