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  • Get One Product – $49.00 – $229.00  
  • Get Two Products – $106.00 – $385.00  –
  • Get Everything!!! (Best Deal) – $547.00 (yes, all five guides. See below) 


If Ready to Purchase, Below are all of the Options.

To Purchase One Product Click the Links Below:


Laurel’s Rolodex $229.00 – You will get an annual lifetime update in November.


The Laurel Home Ultimate Paint and Palette Collection$199.00


Six Figure Income Blogger$199.00


333 Decorating Rules & Tips You Need to Know $69.00


The new Etsy guide for only  $49.00




To Purchase One Bundle of the following Products and save 10% for each product in the bundle!


 The Etsy Guide and 333 Rules & Tips $106.00New Bundle



Laurel’s Roledex + Etsy + Rules & Tips $312.00 New Bundle



Paint and Palette Collection + Etsy + Rules & Tips $289.00-New Bundle



Website/Blogging Guide + Etsy + Rules & Tips $289.00-New Bundle


Laurel’s Rolodex/Paint-Palette Collection $385.00


Laurel’s Rolodex/Six Figure Income Blogger $385.00


Paint-Palette Collection/Six Figure Income Blogger $358.00



To Purchase A Bundle of All Three Products, Laurel’s Rolodex, Paint and Palette, and Six Figure Income Blogger. I’m throwing in the Etsy guide and Rules and Tips Guide for FREE!


Laurel’s Rolodex/Paint-Palette Collection/Six Figure Income Blogger $547.000 (savings of $178.00) 

Note: When you put it into your cart, it might only say the three products, but you will receive all five.