JavaFX 17 is here

Almost 3 years ago, Gluon announced the JavaFX 11 release. Today, we are excited to release JavaFX 17. When we released JavaFX 11, we explained the path forward. That path includes a new feature release every 6 months, and 4 CPU releases per year. This predictability is very much appreciated by the developer community, and we’re very proud we managed to deliver on our original plans. Find out what the highlights in this release are on or have a look at the release notes for a comprehensive overview.

Although JavaFX 17 is a long-term-support (LTS) release, it is not handled different from other feature releases. As usual, a number of bugs are fixed, and new features have been added. The primary focus is, as usual, on making sure that Java developers can create Java client applications with highly interactive user interfaces on top of today’s hardware and low-level software solutions.

The fact that we can release JavaFX 17 today is a huge victory for the developer community. JavaFX is really driven by this community. Technical contributions from Gluon, Oracle and a growing number of individuals and companies are discussed in an open way in the OpenJFX project at GitHub.

For commercial support, please check out our Long-Term-Support offering. Our LTS program is a win-win case. Your projects are covered for a long term, since you will be able to get commercially supported builds for many years. And also, your support can make a big difference in how fast JavaFX keeps moving forward.

After 3 years of successful releases, Gluon and the JavaFX community have proven that Java on the client is a stable, mature, secure and supported way for developing applications. Let’s keep working on this as a community.