Gluon Mobile – Next Iteration

Gluon is proud to announce the release of Gluon Mobile 6.1.0, as well as updated versions of our Gluon IDE plugins for IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans, and Eclipse. The primary focus of this release has been to simplify the integration of Gluon Mobile into existing JavaFX applications.


Gluon Mobile is a full client-side solution for writing high performance, cross-device mobile applications purely in the Java programming language. Gluon Mobile is made up of many layers, including the UI layer (Charm Glisten), the DI application framework (Glisten Afterburner), the hardware abstraction layer (Gluon Attach), and the IDE plugins.

For reference, the table below shows the version numbers of these sub-components in the Gluon Mobile 6.1.0 release:


Sub-component Version
Charm Glisten 6.1.0
Attach 4.0.13
Glisten Afterburner 2.1.0

This new release contains API changes to make it easier to integrate Glisten in an existing JavaFX application. For a complete list of changes, please check our release notes. Some notable changes made to this release are:

  • Allow Main class to extend from Application instead of MobileApplication
  • Deprecation of MobileApplication
  • Provide a new AppManager to manage the JavaFX Application flow and integrate the Glisten features
  • In Glisten-Afterburner framework, GluonPresenter has been deprecated. Any presenter class doesn’t need to extend from GluonPresenter, but it is still supported for compatibility reasons

Upgrading to Gluon Mobile 6.1.0

All changes are backward compatible, and you can still use Charm 6.1.0+ with MobileApplication, which will be marked as deprecated on your IDE. If you have an existing project, simply bump your Glisten dependencies, without needing to modify your code.

However, it is advisable to adapt to the new API. We recommend checking out the various Gluon Samples or creating Gluon applications after upgrading to the latest IDE plugins. For existing projects you can follow these migration guidelines.


Gluon continues to invest heavily into developing the very best Java-on-mobile and end-to-end Java offering for enterprises. Our Gluon Mobile library enables and rapidly accelerates the deployment of Java applications on mobile devices, and our Gluon CloudLink offering enables simplified connectivity and synchronization, security, management, and access to enterprise backends. We encourage you to explore the Gluon product offerings, and to also consider our expert engineering team when you next need custom consultancy for enterprise Java development.

If you have any questions that are not answered there, check our support options, reach out on Stack Overflow, or simply write us a message.