Introducing GluonFX

Elevating Your JavaFX Applications with Essential Features

Over the past years, we created a number of standalone JavaFX-based software components, each with their own lifecycle, build structure, target platform and license. Recently, we worked hard to provide a better overall and consistent developer experience.
We are thrilled to unveil GluonFX, a game-changing integrated suite of components designed to enhance your JavaFX applications like never before. With GluonFX, we bring a range of essential features, including Rich Text Area, Maps, Emoji, and more, all under one roof, empowering developers to take their projects to new heights and deliver exceptional user experiences.

Seamless Integration of Essential Features

GluonFX streamlines your development process by providing a comprehensive toolkit of functionalities. Say goodbye to the challenges of implementing rich text editing, interactive maps, and expressive emojis in your applications. With GluonFX, you can seamlessly integrate these powerful features, enhancing communication, user engagement, and overall functionality.

Flexibility to Suit Your Project Needs

We understand that every project is unique. That’s why GluonFX offers the freedom to use its components either together as a comprehensive suite or individually, depending on your specific requirements. Tailor your JavaFX applications with precision and efficiency, harnessing the full potential of GluonFX to create solutions that truly stand out.

Dual Licensing: Open-Source and Commercial Options

To cater to diverse development needs, GluonFX offers a dual licensing approach. We believe developers should always be open to use the latest and greatest software without restrictions. Therefore, embrace the power of open-source by leveraging the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3), allowing for free use, modification, and distribution within the open-source community.

For those seeking added flexibility and freedom to bundle our software with commercial products, a commercial license option is available, providing a seamless integration of GluonFX components into proprietary or commercial applications. This option enables you to maximize the potential of GluonFX perfect for proprietary software development and distribution. For licensing information, please contact us.

Empower Your JavaFX Development with GluonFX

GluonFX represents a significant leap forward for JavaFX development, combining essential features into a cohesive, user-friendly package. Whether you’re building applications for desktop, embedded systems, mobile devices, or web platforms, GluonFX is here to elevate your projects and deliver unparalleled user experiences.

Join the GluonFX community and embark on an exciting journey of innovation and growth. Embrace the potential of this integrated suite of components and create JavaFX applications that leave a lasting impression.

Discover GluonFX today and take your JavaFX development to new heights. Elevate your applications with essential features and unlock endless possibilities. Visit our website to explore GluonFX and begin your next JavaFX adventure!

The GluonFX page has a list of the components we currently added to the GluonFX umbrella, and it contains links to the repositories on github with all the code and documentation. GluonFX components are available for use in Maven central (see the individual components for details).