Preparing Gluon Maps v2.0.0

Gluon has been making improvements to its Maps library as we gear up for the 2.0.0 release. Some of the features and bug fixes for this release are listed below:


  1. JDK 11 support
  2. A new API has been added to allow setting a placeholder image for tiles
  3. ThreadFactory and CompletableFuture are now used to avoid multi-threading issues and provide better control over rendering the UI. Some commits related to enhance multi-threading support in Maps are as follows:

Bug Fixes

    1. Zoom in functionality was broken on Desktop platform. This is now fixed and works on all platforms
    2. Attach dependencies used by Maps was not included in its published `pom.xml` on Maven Central.This required developers to explicitly add Attach dependencies projects, causing multiple failures. We finally decided to take care of it and squash the bug

As we get closer towards finalizing 2.0.0, developers are recommended to try out the ea releases. Any feedback/issues can be reported on our Github repository.