Best Dried Abalone Selection guide by Teck Sang (2021-2022), on Hong Kong Street.

What is the history and story behind the Dried Abalone

The Dried abalone is a popular ingredient in many Chinese cuisine dishes. There are many places you can buy them, but Teck Sang on Hong Kong Street is one of the best because they have everything you need to enjoy your dried abalone.
1) What exactly are dried abalone?
2) Who were some of the first people who ate dried abalone?
3) Where did this trend start and when was it popularized in China and Asia?

What are dried abalone?

Dried Abalone: How to Prepare it for use in recipes

How to prepare dried abalone

how to cook dry abalone

how to soften dry abalone

how do you dry abalone

how to clean dry abalone

how do you soften dry abalone

Where to buy?

Using Dried Abalone in Recipes

• A simple way of using prepared Dried Abalone is to serve it whole in any of the ways one might serve fresh Abalone.
• Given the expenses of Dried Abalone, it will often make sense to use it sparingly.
• Some people liken it to Scallop, but, while this may be true to some degree in the case of fresh Abalone, the comparison doesn’t really hold for the dried variety, and the sweetness is nowhere near as pronounced as with Conpoy (Dried Scallop ).
• Many recipes call for you to use a lot of water, changing it frequently during this process.
• Because of the high price commanded by even the cheapest of Dried Abalone, you are unlikely to come across them in small grocery stores.
• At present the principal regions for Abalone farming are China, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea, and it is chiefly in Chinese cuisine that the shellfish is prized in dried form.

Calories Facts

Nutritional Benefits


How long do dried abalone last?

How to store dried abalone?

How do you prepare and store dry abalone?

What Does Abalone Taste Like?

Why is Dried Abalone So Expensive?

Where to buy dry abalone for sale?


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