Top (dried or canned)Abalone Brands Selection Guide. Best Abalone recipes, tips and insight from experts chef.


Abalones are considered culinary treasures of the sea. It takes the crown and shares this special status with (1) Sea cucumbers, (2) Scallops, (4) Fish Maw and (5)Shark Fin. Before the discovery of "Umami Receptors" on our tongues (2006) and in our stomach walls (2008), the top chefs have long known of the "Fifth Taste" that dried seafood brings to enhance their culinary creations with naturally occurring Glutamate that brings out the "Umami favour 鲜味", better known as the “Essence of Deliciousness, 鲜味")

Umami is the taste of glutamate, an Amino acid that is one of the building blocks of protein. Glutamate occurs naturally in and cheese, mushrooms and in many delicious dried seafood we eat every day.

Traditional Abalone recipes combined with glutamate-rich, luxurious ingredients, abalones, scallops, mushrooms, shrimps and dried fish maw with vegetables create a decadent dish of elegance and rich umami tastes. Extravagantly and heedlessly self-indulgent possibly downright dangerous dishes with such fine taste and selection of quality dried seafood ingredients.

Having the knowledge in the selection of quality ingredients perhaps is the most important step to this culinary adventure. This article takes you on this journey.


The "Top Abalone Brand Selection guide" is a collection of articles that provides a comprehensive discussion on each of the individual topics surrounding the selection of "Best Abalone Brands". These articles explore further topical discussion on the tips and insights to the selection of these culinary treasures, a further special selection of YT Top Chef videos to share their abalone recipes. Enjoy the reading and our warmest well wishes to you and family.

Picture of "Chuen Jia FU" Best Abalone Brand gift set that says Blissful Blessing to the family


When it comes to Abalone knowledge, there are many experts and specialists. When it comes to selecting canned abalones, it's ultimately your personal choice, and here are a few common considerations:

  1. What is the special occasion & meaning? Birthdays, Weddings, reunion dinner, Chinese New Year or Casual meal
  2. How would you like to serve Abalone on that special occasion or the style of cooking?
  3. Any country of preference where the abalone is from?
  4. Live, Frozen, Dried, or Canned (from Baby to One Piece Abalones)
  5. Your Budget for the occasion.

The key question that matters to you is to select the right type of abalone that you looking for to serve on that special occasion and the choice of cooking style to serve this culinary treasure.

In many ways, shares the common selection preferences to that of a good bottle of wine. It could be a gift for a special someone, to share a delightful meal with family or Self-indulgence of the very best in Abalones. Let explore this together in this article.


How do I select dried or canned abalone?

There are basically four types of states abalones are available on the market today with supplies coming from different countries:


(1) Fresh or Live abalones,

After hand harvesting by expert qualified scuba diving divers or from the farm, the online abalone is moved to cutting edge handling manufacturing facilities through specially furbish cars.

The abalones desire that placed into pet crates along with are lowered right into temperature degree as well as salinity controlled holding containers having pure filtering system deep sea.

These holding centres can maintain the on-line products for a variety of weeks supply if the climate changes inadequate for an extended period. All abalone are held

for numerous days to ensure the fish are removed as well as also the high quality is secured before delivery. The on the internet abalones seek that hand-picked sometimes of pack-out by very educated personnel to see to it just strong unmarked fish are packed.

Usually, the Abalones are packed right into 10kg or 12kg sealed polystyrene foam boxes prepared for export. The Abalone in each box is typically placed on core groove boarding which they appear to such as, safeguarded with oxygen in significant gagged bags with an ice bag put to maintain the fish at a lowered temperature level during transportation.

The distance of the handling premises to significant worldwide airport terminals make it possible for the thing to be offered rapidly with a minimal break of the water enabling a fresher item throughout the client. Greenlip, blacklip, brown-lip, Roei and also Tiger abalone are all offered as real-time items.



(2) Frozen Abalone,

Abalones are shucked, cleaned and the meat is very carefully cooled to bring the temperature level down at a sluggish rate. The abalone are after that packed right into vacuum cleaner bags or modified atmosphere product packaging (MAP) while still in the cooling saltwater

There are a variety of options when you're determining just how to package your item. Factors such as service life and maximum storage space conditions will certainly figure out which one is the finest fit for your item.

This product is usually readily available in 10 to 15kg polystyrene cartons. Greenlip, Blacklip, Brownlip and also Roei abalone are all readily available chilled as meat.

Vacuum-packed IQF abalone meat is readily available in a rigid shielded bag that contains a collection amount of pieces with each piece per vacuum-packed bag.

Each bag is vacuum-sealed and labelled. On the label, you'll discover the trade description, weight, packaging day, best-before day as well as consumer details for thawing of icy abalone meat.

These vacuum-packed bags are after that crammed in a polystyrene box up to 10-12kg per box. Blacklip, brown lip, eco-friendly lip and also Roei abalone are all offered as vacuum-packed meats.

Icy on Shell (FOS) abalone-- live abalone is delicately cleaned and after that independently quick iced up in their shell or eliminated from the covering, cleaned up and then quick-frozen. When an order is to be loaded the specific abalone are placed into a lined cardboard carton or Polystyrene box and secured all set for export. Usually, the cartons are 10kg-- 15kg net with the abalone arranged right into numerous sizes according to customer requirements. green-lip, blacklip, brown-lip, as well as Roei abalone, are all available in IQF type.


(3) what is Dried Abalone?



In the older days, Drying abalones was a highly manual process and Sun-Dried. Today, Advanced drying out centres use drying out procedures based upon ancient as well as traditional methods. The abalone is meticulously hand-selected to make certain the size, colour and also the top quality is a premium, as well as there, are no marks or swellings on the meat, before the drying out procedure begins. Today Abalone Dehydrators with much better quality control are commonplace.

Australia produces the finest quality dried abalone meat, crammed in present boxes as well in bulk or in smaller bags inside a bulk box. South Africa was known for their dried abalone, till recently, over-harvesting of wild abalone have depleted their population to an unhealthy level. supply are scared.

(In Australia, Blacklip, and Greenlip abalone are available in dried-out form)


(4) Canned Abalone.

Canned variations are the most preferred in Asia as they have a service life of 3-4 years and also are easier to manage. Once opened, they require to be taken in on the very same day. There is a huge depository of impressive dishes on youtube that shows the methods to cook canned abalones.

Dried out versions of abalone require some prep work prior to being ready for food preparation. the rehydration as well as cooking techniques require even more skills and experience, the completed dish is well worth the initiative. Fresh abalones are extremely hardy creatures that can endure long periods out of water. When sourcing for these Abalones, it is best to ask the vendor what type they have, native land as well as purchase as necessary - you'll be glad you did!

In this post, we will focus much more on the preferred Asian preferred canned abalone.

The word "abalone" has become rather of a buzzy term for many people, yet what does it imply to you? What are the best abalone brands around at this time? This article is geared in the direction of those that have just uncovered abalone and also desire some great pointers and guidance in the choice of a great abalone brand name, for its taste or as a present to their enjoyed one.

Tinned abalone can be bought from Chinese as well as other shops that offer imported Eastern goods. It has a company appearance as well as does not require to be prepared. Drain the flesh, sufficed up, and include it to soup, casserole, or stir-fry.



The largest range of Canned Abalone Brands at Teck Sang Retail



In this article, we are going to explore the complete list of the best brands of canned abalones that you can find at our retail down in Hong Kong Street.

This is a guide that will help you decide where to buy your product depending on whether or not they are packaged in bulk or cans.

The primary goal of this article is to provide you with an overview and introduction of companies and their quality products. We hope this would help so that each individual can make their own decisions about what brand they think tastes better than any other one out there.


Are you looking for a thoughtful gift for someone special?

These premium abalone range living with family and children Most appropriate as gifts. The brand name says blissful blessings to the family.

If you want the best, then these luxury abalones are perfect! They come packaged in their own vase so they can be given as a present without worry of breaking them or getting water on them if it's raining when delivered.


Abalone as a Gift set: "The Art of Meaningful Gifting"

When it is for that special occasion of celebration, reunion dinners and Chinese New Year, nothing can beat a meaningful auspicious gift that is welcomed by everyone and every family. Chuen Jia fu (“全家福” 带你全家幸福) Abalones, our premium Brand literally mean "Blissful Blessing wishes to your family", whosoever receive this gift is to receive the bundle of blessing from you. What a meaningful and thoughtful gift for that special occasion.




The Dried abalone started in the days where refrigeration and air transport was not as available and dried abalone grew in its popularity. Its popularity expanded into many Chinese cuisine recipes.

There are many places you can buy them, but Teck Sang on Hong Kong Street is one of the best because they have everything you need to enjoy your dried abalone.

1) What exactly are dried abalone?

2) Who were some of the first people who ate dried abalone?

3) Where did this trend start and when was it popularized in China and Asia?



The Dried abalone is a popular ingredient in many Asian cuisine dishes.

What would be a better threat to watch the "Iron Chef" as they bring out the best in Dried abalone cuisine cooking?


IRON Chef - Cooking Dried Abalone


1) What exactly are dried abalone? An Introduction on Abalone

Introduction on Abalone introduction



2) Who were some of the first people who ate dried abalone?

A visit into the brief history on few of such past folks that enjoy the fresh abalones.


Where did this trend start and when was it popularized into Asia?


The Best Brands of Canned Abalone



"Candy heart" 溏心干鲍 means that the abalone is dried and swelled, and then boiled until the centre part is sticky and soft. The centre part of the abalone is in a non-condensing semi-liquid state. 

The texture is soft and tough when it is eaten, and it is like firm jelly that tastes, every bite has a little sticky feeling, like a rice cake. Dried heart abalones promote the taste of eating abalone to the top, "more fragrant and softer."

The centre part of the abalone is in a non-condensing semi-liquid state. The texture is soft and tough when it is eaten, and it has a soft candy-like texture. The taste, every bite has a little sticky feeling, like a rice cake.

Dried heart abalones promote the taste of eating abalone to the top, "more fragrant and softer." The reason is that the dried abalone has a sugary taste. When a customer slices or cuts the abalone with a dining knife, the sugary taste first completely volatilizes the abalone's aroma, so the abalone has a stronger flavor, and the customer's appetite is greatly increased.


 How do we order abalone dishes in Restaurants?



Abalone must be top-quality, but to understand the concept of abalone, we must first start with dried abalone.

Dried abalone is also divided into raw and dried abalone and dried abalone with dry heat.

Raw sun-dried abalone, as the name implies, is made by shelling, cleaning, pickling, boiling, and sun-drying. Its color is light, grayish-yellow, and it has only a faint abalone fragrance.

Dried Candy heart abalones are the best of dried abalones; the processing techniques are slightly different from each other, but the materials are the same:

1. Fresh and larger abalones must be selected, such as South African abalone, Middle Eastern abalone, and Japan. Abalones; it is impossible to process from the small domestic fresh abalones that are common in the market heart-bearing abalones.

2. Stale abalone, because of its protein necrosis, is impossible to process the heart abalone. The dry abalone with a soft heart is darker in colour, brown in colour, rich in sugar flavour (converted from part of the protein of fresh abalone itself) and abalone flavour.

The same 100 kilograms of fresh abalone is processed into dried abalone, which is about 90% of raw and dried abalone. Therefore, users will find that the volume of dried abalone is larger than that of raw dried abalone. This is one of the reasons why dried abalone is more expensive than raw dried abalone.


Production principle Caramelized candy abalone


To make Caramelized sweet abalone, dried sometimes to undergo the procedure, fresh abalone and not runny.

The concept of dry abalone: The abalone has thick flesh. After the external layer is air-dried, it develops an all-natural protective layer. Germs can not get into, as well as the inside will certainly not be corrupted.

On the other hand, since the inside is not entirely dry, the cells will progressively self-dissolve during storage. And the formation of the heart, its medicinal impact is likewise born from this.

When dried out abalones are kept for a time period, there will certainly be a layer of hoar frost on the surface. This is caused by the surface of the abalone body protein. Not only does it not harm the high quality of the abalone, yet it is one of the essential signs of premier abalone.


Which countries are Abalones from and what are the selection considerations?

Like a good bottle of good red wine, a wine connoisseur will always know the type of red (grapes) and which country they are from. Is very similar to an experience Abalone connoisseur to know his/her abalone by countries and texture of the Abalone. When it comes to the Mouthfeel and recipes, the Chef's creativity and the client's celebration for the occasion brings much celebration meaning into the occasion with the appropriate selection. Chuen Jia Fu

(全家福) abalone and its meaning are always welcome to almost any occasion. Literally means "Blissful Blessing to the Whole Family".


Mexican Abalones


Wild Mexican Abalone is one of the most exclusive abalone varieties on the planet. They are grown in pristine, clear waters with the best salinity and also temperature level. The dominating browse over the waters pressures abalones to exert their muscles when they relocate during feeding. This makes the abalone meat a lot more flexible and scrumptious.

Being an aquatic food source, abalones harness concentrated nutritional aspects from the seas. They contain healthy protein which provides vital amino acids to help in the structure as well as the upkeep of bodily cells. Mexican Abalones are reduced in fat and also trans-fat cost-free, which makes abalone a normally healthy food product. Mexico Abalone - the largest, rarest, most valued abalone today. There is a reason the wild abalone is considered pricier. It takes greater than 7-15 years to expand to a good dimension for legal catching (15-20cm).

The abalones are hand-harvested directly from the sea flooring. Only highly-skilled, seasoned fishermen are able to capture as it's very difficult to get to the sea's depth. The abalones are harvested legally as well as sustainably.  

Australian dried and canned Abalones

For blacklip abalone, the size limit varies in between 138 mm (5.4 in) for the southern end of the state and 127 mm (5.0 in) for the northern end of the state. Greenlip abalones have a minimum size of 145 mm (5.7 in), except for an area around Perkins Bay in the north of the state where the minimum size is 132 millimetres (5.2 in). (Scuba diving for abalone in the states of New South Wales and Western Australia is prohibited; a free-diving catch limit of 2 is enabled).

Victoria has had an active abalone fishery since the late 1950s. The state is sectioned into 3 fishing zones, Eastern, Central and Western, with each fisher needing a zone-allocated licence. Gathering is performed by divers utilizing surface-supplied air "hookah" systems running from runabout-style, outboard-powered boats. While the diver looks for colonies of abalone amongst the reef beds, the deckhand operates the boat, referred to as working "live" and remains above where the scuba diver is working. Bags of abalone pried from the rocks are brought to the surface by the diver or by way of "shot line", where the deckhand drops a weighted rope for the catch bag to be linked then retrieved. Divers determine each abalone prior to getting rid of from the deckhand and the reef remeasures each abalone and gets rid of excess weed growth from the shell. Since 2002, the Victorian industry has actually seen a significant decrease in catches, with the overall permitted catch reduced from 1440 to 787 tonnes for the 2011/12 fishing year, due to diminishing stocks and most especially the abalone infection ganglioneuritis, which is lethal and fast-spreading to abalone stocks.


New Zealand Abalones

In New Zealand, abalone is called paua (/ ˈpaʊə/, from the Māori language). Haliotis iris (or Blackfoot paua) is the common New Zealand paua, the extremely polished nacre of which is exceptionally popular as keepsakes with its striking blue, green, and purple iridescence. Haliotis australis and Haliotis virginea are also found in New Zealand waters, however are less popular than H. iris.

Like all New Zealand shellfish, recreational harvesting of paua does not require a license provided catch limitations, size restrictions, and regional and seasonal limitations set by the Ministry for Main Industries (MPI) are followed. In addition, no person may be in possession, even on land, of more than 20 Paua or more than 2.5 kg (5.5 pounds) of paua meat at any one time.

This can be a particularly awkward problem where the right to gather paua can be approved legally under Māori customary rights. The limit is strictly imposed by the roving Ministry for Main Industries fishery officers with the backing of the New Zealand Cops. Poaching is a significant market in New Zealand with numerous thousands being taken unlawfully, often undersized.


South Africa Abalones

The largest abalone in South Africa, Haliotis midae, happens along roughly two-thirds of the country's coastline. In South Africa, all persons collecting this shellfish requirement allows that are released each year, and no abalone might be collected utilizing scuba equipment.

For the last few years, however, no permits have been issued for gathering abalone, however industrial harvesting still continues as does illegal collection by distributes. [50] In 2007, because of widespread poaching of abalone, the South African federal government listed abalone as an endangered species according to the CITES section III appendix, which requests member federal governments to monitor the sell this types. This listing was removed from points out in June 2010 by the South African government and South African abalone is no longer subject to points out trade controls. Export licenses are still required. The abalone meat from South Africa is forbidden for sale in the country to help reduce poaching; nevertheless, much of the illegally gathered meat is sold in Asian countries.


United States of America

Sport harvesting of red abalone is allowed with a California fishing license and an abalone stamp card. Abalone might just be taken utilizing breath-hold strategies or shore picking; scuba diving for abalone is strictly restricted. Taking of abalone is not allowed south of the mouth of San Francisco Bay.

An abalone scuba diver is typically geared up with a thick wetsuit, consisting of a hood, booties, and gloves, and normally likewise a mask, snorkel, weight belt, abalone iron, and abalone gauge. Abalones are primarily taken in depths from a couple of inches up to 10 m (33 feet); less typical are freedivers who can work much deeper than 10 m (33 feet). An abalone iron is utilized to pry the abalone from the rock prior to it having time to completely secure down.


The Channel Islands, Brittany and Normandy

The event of ormers is now limited to a number of 'ormering tides', from 1 January to 30 April, which happen on the brand-new or complete moon and 2 days following. No ormers might be taken from the beach that are under 80 millimetres (3.1 in) in shell length. The need for ormers is such that they led to the world's very first undersea arrest, when Mr. Kempthorne-Leigh of Guernsey was jailed by an authorities officer in complete diving equipment when unlawfully diving for ormers.


What are the Abalone weight and choices of size in Abalones?

Differentiating Wild abalone and Farm abalones. In the established years, Mexican and South African Wild abalones are known for their texture and taste ...

Mexican and Australia Abalone Chuen Jia Fu “全家福” Abalone Gift set A 255G 1.5 Pcs with 213G




Mexican and Australia Abalone Chuen Jia Fu “全家福”Abalone Gift set B







Mexican Abalone Chuen Jia Fu “全家福”Abalone

255G 1.5 Pcs


Australian Chuen Jia Fu “全家福”Abalone

In the pristine waters of Tasmania, these wild catch Abalone habitat (Green lip) known for their ...

213G, 140G

New Zealand Chuen Jia Fu “全家福” Abalone

200g, 170 G

New Zealand is Known for their Black Lip abalone, firm in texture and .... shell.


Baby Abalone (Chuen Jia Fu “全家福”Abalone)

This comes in two favour, in Brine and Blaise sauce.

213g 8 pcs





Calmex Mexican Abalone




Calmex Mexican Brand (with Australian Abalone)




Mexician Abalone, Cedmex Brand




Frozen Abalone (Australian)




Supersize Abalone


Baby abalone (Jade Tiger) Hybrid of Australian and New Zealand


New Zealand (PAUA CO) -


Premuim Range





Economic Range: On Hing Culture China Abalone






Victoria Brand (Country) ..




Dried abalone price Singapore







How to prepare/rehydrate dried abalone for cooking






Braised dried abalone


How to cook dried abalone Soup Recipe






The following video answers the above questions:


WHERE to BUY Dried or canned Abalones in Singapore with lots of choices?

In Singapore, 11 Hong Kong street, One-stop shop.


Buying Dried abalone online.

You can shop online at:




Braised Abalone with Mushrooms (红烧鲍菇)

• A simple way of using prepared Dried Abalone is to serve it whole in any of the ways one might serve fresh Abalone.

• Given the expenses of Dried Abalone, it will often make sense to use it sparingly.

• Some people liken it to Scallop, but, while this may be true to some degree in the case of fresh Abalone, the comparison doesn’t really hold for the dried variety, and the sweetness is nowhere near as pronounced as with Conpoy (Dried Scallop ).

• Many recipes call for you to use a lot of water, changing it frequently during this process.

• Because of the high price commanded by even the cheapest of Dried Abalone, you are unlikely to come across them in small grocery stores.

• At present the principal regions for Abalone farming are China, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea, and it is chiefly in Chinese cuisine that the shellfish is prized in dried form.


How to buy canned abalone. Their Specifications & lingual

  • Abalone, pronounced bao yu (鮑魚) in Cantonese, is a large single-shelled sea snail that can be found along many coastlines, including those in Australia, New Zealand and Japan.
  • It is considered a culinary delicacy in Chinese cuisine, which makes it a highly sought after ingredient.
  • “2 heads in 1 catty” (600g) equates to two pieces of 300g abalone while 4-head in 1 catty (600g) refers to four pieces of 150g abalone. Hence, the larger the number, the smaller the abalone. While this traditionally refers to the abalones that have been dried, it is also used to describe canned abalone. So when the menu lists a “heavier” 3-head abalone for a substantially lower price than a “lighter” 22-head abalone,.
  • A giveaway is when the “heavier” one is described in the menu as tang bao, or soup abalone, and the “lighter” one as tang xin gan bao, or sugar heart dried abalone, which are canned and dried abalones respectively. Xian bao refers to fresh abalones that could either be live or frozen. Chef Tan (right) adds, “The higher the head count, the smaller and younger the abalone. There is no ideal size to look out for as it depends on personal preferences. However, in the Chinese cultural context, it is believed that consuming abalone will bring forth good fortune and a year of abundance so there are some who will opt for more “heads” of the abalone to signify an abundant year ahead.”



Abalone Basic NUTRITIONAL FACTS (Per 100g)


Nutritional Benefits of Dried or Canned abalone

Abalone is a highly nutritious, sustainable seafood option.

It provides protein, iodine, and selenium in addition to omega-3s.

The abalone with its gravy can be consumed right away or heated slightly. The abalone tastes soft, smooth and elastic. Whether it is New Year's Day, Mid-Autumn Festival and other festivals, it is suitable to send blessings to relatives and friends or for personal use.


Asians Therapeutic Benefits and nutritious beliefs

It is believed abalone, calm in nature, nourish yin and nourish, nourish but not dry. Abalone is rich in protein, but low in fat and sugar. It has therapeutic functions such as nourishing yin, relieving fever and improving eyesight. The taste is tender and elastic, and the taste is fresh and sweet






FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)



Once they are dried correctly. They can be for quite a few stored for a few years


In dried cool storage that does not extract it moisture or make the mould. A proper storage is vacuum jar, preferred way stored in the shops


Do you sell dried abalone slices at Teck Sang Hong Kong street?


Dried abalone for sale at Hong Kong Street, Teck Sang?




How to soak (rehydrate) dried abalone?



Abalone has a slightly fishy taste and is similar to octopus in texture and taste. Dried scallop also has this strong flavor; however, it lacks the consistency of the other two options.




Dive Wars Australia, dangerous catch

In Asian society, it is felt that eating abalone, also known as 鲍鱼 (Bàoyú), will deliver one good fortune as well as abundance for the remainder of the year. Therefore, abalone is among the must-have things for Chinese New Year, and also year-round, it is actually additionally appreciated as a fragility at family suppers and occasions like wedding ceremonies or reunion dinners.

In spite of its own importance, many have actually compared abalone as being comparable along with chomping gum in regards to appearance, along with the flavour of scallops. Others presume that abalone has no distinct taste of its personal, rather than handling the flavour of the elements it is being actually cooked with.

sO What are the reasons for their high price tag? Besides its intrinsic rarity, here is a list of reasons their these high costs of wild abalones.





Abalone must be actually collected one at a time by hand. Unlike traditional seafood like prawns and also fishes, abalone can easily not be acquired coming from the cast of a web. The cost-to-yield ratio is very reduced. Fortunately, with the recent success of Abalone farming, their harvest relief the pressure and burdens on the wild supplies of Abalones.



As a result of their hard and also massive layers, abalone normally simply appear on the seafloor, which means that a qualified diver needs to plunge deep right into the waters to locate as well as select them. It takes a considerable amount of dedication and also effort simply to receive one huge abalone.




That being actually pointed out, diving for abalone is actually very dangerous. Other than being subjected to the tough sea waters as well as pointed shells, scuba divers are actually additionally under the threat of sharks and various other sea critters.


[ ]

Divers going for Wild abalones ]




A lot of abalone species can merely prosper in cool waters, in locations such as Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and also the western edge of North United States. Unlike various other styles of seafood, abalone is certainly not in abundance when it comes to volume.


In addition, during the course of the Chinese New Year, the need for abalone spikes, which results in greater costs. If you were actually to purchase it in the course of the rest of the year, contrast this to the rate of an abalone.





As a result of overfishing on an around the world scale, pair of types of abalone -dark as well as white abalone -are actually specified as critically risked in the Endangered Species Action (North America). Three various other types of abalone (pink, pinto, green) are actually likewise a portion of the Species of Worry Programme, which sustains conservation initiatives. It will not be actually surprising if government moderations no more permit fisheries to readily collect abalone without a regular quota.


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